The Answer to Everything

Joanna Coates was co-writer and creative consultant on this feature-length film: The Answer to Everything is an interactive film and live opera event. 

Virtuoso shifting layers of foreground theatre and film

– THE TIMES ****

An encounter of undeniable beauty


Shot in London, Manchester and Newcastle, the film is set around a fictional business conference which slowly succumbs to the emotional force of music. The delegates leave the conference, moving out of each city to the wild spaces of nature that surround and intermingle with the urban environments. Mindful of the power of the natural world and liminal spaces, the film ends at the sea, where the delegates sing a heart rendering chorus to the horizon.

Working with Rupert Jones and Emma Bernard, the piece have skilfully mixed performances from Streetwise Opera’s homeless and ex-homeless performers with a handful of professionals including renowned soprano Elizabeth Watts to create a rich and characterful film, which weaves together modern compositions with pieces by Benjamin Britten (a section of Peter Grimes), Handel and Vivaldi to create an innovative, reactive viewing experience.

The film is currently screening in a variety of venues across the UK.