National Theatre Online Tours

Joanna Coates has been one of the Principal Filmmakers for the National Theatre since 2009. She joined the NT as part of a team to devise the National Theatre Online Tour – a digital exploration of the National Theatre’s work and iconic Grade I and II* Listed Buildings of the South Bank Centre. 

The tour used 3D modelling of the entire building, its stages and workshops, creating a digital rendering of the Theatre which was then illuminated with short documentaries, each housed in the relevant online ‘space’.  Users could navigate the model and choose from 100s of beautiful, detailed films: the Online Tour fused interest in architectural history and it’s cultural significance, with factual programming and atmospheric design. The tour and the team behind it were BAFTA nominated in 2009.

Since then, Joanna has directed arts documentaries for the NT on a range of subjects. Notable films include ‘Creating Elsinore’, produced to coincide with Nicholas Hytner’s Hamlet and featuring, among others, Richard Eyre and Vicki Mortimer. 2011 saw a beautiful introduction to Chekhov’s work in support of The Cherry Orchard, featuring Michael Blakemore and Chekhov scholars.

The smash-hit Frankenstein was accompanied by a film exploring ‘Man-Made Monsters’ complete with 100 year old film excerpts and interviews with leading academics and writers. Earlier work explores Bunny Christie’s design inspiration for The White Guard and PunchDrunk choreographer Maxine Doyle’s work on Every Good Boy Deserves Favour.



View the documentaries here: